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Embedding podcast clips

Embedding podcast clips are a great way to reference a moment in a podcast. Like a pull-quote, but a much richer experience. Embedded clips attribute the podcast, and link back to it, so the user can dive right in and listen to the episode if they want. Here's an example:

Cool huh? Here's another one:

Ready to create your own clips and embed them? Here's how.

  1. Download Tung for iOS.
  2. In the app, play an episode, and record a clip from it. Here’s how.
  3. In a browser, visit your profile page, which is https://tung.fm/u/USERNAME_HERE.
  4. You'll see your clip under activity - the word "clip" is bold - that's the clip permalink. Click it.
  5. On the clip page, click “Embed this clip”. A short bit of code will appear.
  6. Copy this code. In your website editor, choose “HTML view” and paste the code. That’s it.